This Day In Hip-Hop

For all your needs on remembering what happened in Hip-Hop, this is the page to hit for it.

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Hip Hop United is a blog dedicated to all things Hip-Hop. We strive to teach and express are love for the beautiful culture we call Hip-Hop. We will cover just about everything, from what’s the 411 with your favorite legends of The Golden Era to telling what knuckle heads are beefing on Twitter and why they are. Come along, take a ride in this fantastic voyage of knowledge as we bring you some of the undergrounds newest faces through our Underground Section. Find bios and more about Hip-Hop’s finest in the Old School Section. What’s happening in the current Rap scene, well our news and Modern Day Section will have you covered.

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Old School

For all those who enjoy the electronic sound of the 70’s freestyle and break-beat, the 80’s lyrical stature and storytelling or the 90’s raw, grimy and bloody music the this is the tab for you.

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